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Since its inception in the year 1988, “Saadhagaparavaigal” have organised more than 7,500 shows successfully around the globe. Every human with a heart is inevitably stirred by Various manifestation of Music Carnatic, Hindustani, Western found in different masterpieces created by eminent geniuses are presented in the most popular form. “Saadhagaparavaigal” is an Orchestra with a difference in the Light Music Industry, Language, style or format do not matter for us, we are only concerned about one thing, Satisfaction to the Audience (listener). The result – evolved as the most audience-friendly orchestra in this part of the country as “Sankar in Saadhagaparavaigal”. S.Sankar Ram Son of Late Thiru. Dr.Ulundurpettai Shanmugham (Great Poet), His Maternal Uncle Late Thiru. Seergali Govindarajan also a Legend. Shankar Ram being born in a music family he had a burning Desire (Vision) to make an indelible mark in the field of music himself. Hence he established “SaadhagaParavaigal” in the Year 1988. And now the Team has done more than just that dream come true with proper Support and from his 2nd in Command none other than S.Bharanidharan (Brother of Sankar Ram)himself. “SaadhagaParavaigal” today is the leading name in light music and the entertainment industry is just because of the hard work, Dedication, Sincerity and “Never Say Die Attitude” put together by the brothers and his team of dedicated Musicians.

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